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Run a workshop at BioQuisitive

Person to person workshops have shown to be a great way for spreading awareness, knowledge, and empowerment in our society. BioQuisitive would like to welcome professionals, students and everyday people who have a strong understanding of both the practical and theoretical in science related fields they are passionate about. BioQuisitive will work with you to design, prepare, and deliver your workshop.

At your disposal are an equipped makerspace and a PC1 laboratory to deliver your event. Workshops could cover anything that helps society's understanding and engagement in science like Microbiology, Art, or even professional and personal tools you believe can add value to the local community.

Previous workshops have explored the intersection between art and science, genetic engineering, plant genomics, bioinformatics, and more. If you are interested, want to learn more OR if there are fields, technologies, skills you'd like to learn let us know, contact us at

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