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How can you get involved?

Sign up for membership and join BioQuisitive here

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Contact us at

Becoming a member

Membership to BioQuisitive gives you supervised access to the lab during open hours to work on your projects, our projects, or just hang out in the presence of your fellow biohackers. For your own projects, you will need to supply your own materials/reagents or purchase them from us. You will have access to basic consumables like pipette tips, gloves, etc. If you don't know where to start you will have access to supervised training to help you brush up on your skills or help you learn the basics if you need it. For safety reasons, we ensure all members are supervised while they are at BioQuisitive until they can meet a level of competency and are thus vetted. Upon joining, you’ll be asked to undergo a safety induction and you’ll need to agree to our safety policy.  Go to our Tidy Club page to sign up!


How can you help? Maybe being in the lab isn’t as important as supporting the cause. If this is what you’re feeling then you’re not alone, and we’re happy to say there are tons of ways you can help! 


  1. For every $10 we are able to buy essential reagents and basic consumables; pipette tips, glass slides, gloves, Sodium hydroxide.

  2. $50 Will help us run a workshop, start educating the public on science and provide an easy point of entry into biological sciences for newcomers.

  3. $100 Will get us some of the more expensive reagents and kits increasing our capabilities to do a multitude of projects across sustainability, medicine, nutrition, materials, and other areas of biotech.

  4. $200+ You just funded our operation for a month, or brought us a step closer to increasing our capabilities by getting us a new key piece of equipment.



What makes BioQuisitive special isn’t the equipment in the lab, it’s the people. So many of our members have been able to help out in more than just the financial sense. Many of our projects span over multiple disciplines; engineering, mechatronics, electronics, microbiology, molecular biology, bio informatics, programming, biochemistry, anatomy and more. We also have had a lot of help on the business itself from our members. Business strategists, lawyers, accountants, web developers, construction, media, bloggers, journalists, marketing you name it. If you have a skill you’re happy to lend us, let us know what you’re good at or like doing and we’ll let you know how you can help! Email us at



We’re always looking for new old or old new scientific equipment and consumables. Maybe you work for a biotech company or a university that is about to throw some stuff away or would like to donate some equipment . Get in touch with us, because part of our mission is to facilitate donations to schools that don’t have the funds to increase their own scientific infrastructure.


Partner companies/organizations

Being a new company in the biotech scene is a little intimidating but we’re really excited by what this democratization of science means for the rest of Melbourne, and Australia as whole. If you share this sentiment, get in touch with us to see  how we can  support each other’s organizations by emailing us at



Why sponsor us?

  • BioQuisitive is one of the only two community science labs in Australia, but like any exothermic reaction, this is about to change. As technology gets cheaper and information spreads faster, spaces like this will effectively act as the garages that spun out the IT giants of today. Sponsoring us makes your  company a part of this new and emerging field that is sweeping across the world as well as  sending a positive message to a community of bright and passionate individuals, all with a strong passion for science.

What would help us?

  • Sponsorship could come in many shapes and sizes. Finding financial support to pay the bills, a place to run events, help with marketing, discounts or donations of needed products and training would all be very helpful! 

Run your own workshops

Why facilitate a workshop through BioQuisitive?

Share your skills and expand awareness

Running a workshop with BioQuisitive can act in your favor in many ways. Firstly it gets your work out there to people who may be interested allowing you to promote your field and your work.

  1. Get remunerated

    • After costs of the workshops, we split the profits of the workshop with the facilitator 50/50.

  2. Networking

    • Some things you can’t put a price on, and we believe a lot of the value to be gained from BioQuisitive will come from the person to person interactions. You never know who you’re going to meet when you come in and just who might be interested in your work.


Who can facilitate?

Workshops don’t have to be science by nature or done at BioQuisitive. However if you need a PC1 laboratory we are here. Anyone can run a workshop pending approval of your proposal, but we strongly urge any researchers, professionals, or skill holders to get in touch with us and start discussing possible courses to run!


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