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Organisation Facts and Achievements
  • BioQuisitive was first founded as a non-profit business back in February 2015, however it took 11 months to acquire lab equipment, volunteers, funding, a suitable space to operate in, and complete the renovations of our lab area.

  • PC1 certification obtained in August 2016. PC (Physical Containment) level 1 facilities are used to contain organisms posing the lowest risk to human health and the environment. For more info refer to the Office of the Gene Technology Regulator

  • There are 8 volunteer staff working for BioQuisitive.

  • We currently have 24 paying members.

  • We participated in the MetaSUB bacterial survey in July 2016, refer to MetaSUB and our local media coverage for more information.

  • Initial funding was acquired from co-founder donations and early member support, this culminated into a crowd funding party generously organised by Beyond Surreal which raised $1015 to support our growth and operations.

  • In July we received a $10,000 contribution from Monash University which has enabled us to begin moving into a more suitable laboratory space.

Press Coverage
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