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Free equipment donations for science teachers

Like most community laboratories, BioQuisitive was only possible through the generous donations of superfluous equipment from universities and other institutions of science. As a result of this charitable act, and some hacking, we were able to build out our laboratory. However, it's hard to overlook just how much equipment there is out there that is getting sent to the bin. Labs move, buildings undergo renovations, and groups desire up to date equipment in order to stay on the leading edge of innovation. This results in a lot of equipment getting sidelined, a lot of this equipment is still good and in working order. This equipment includes things like

PCR machines

Gel electrophoresis units




Chemistry equipment





Laminar flow hoods

Fume hoods

Much more

So we reached out to some universities and have received a positive response. Building managers in charge of overseeing the inflow and outflow of equipment would be all too delighted to see working equipment re-purposed at other education facilities.

If you or some one you know is a science educator let us know if you could find something like this useful! While we are based out of Brunswick, there is potential support to have this gear delivered to your school.

For more information contact us at OR via our forums, Twitter or Facebook accounts.

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